FINAL CRIT BOARD // 29.04.2014

progression of a0 1:50 perspective section to be improved.


FINAL CRIT BOARDS // 29.04.2014

1) concept collage + project description

2) site analysis

3) research + precedents

4) ground floor plan with context 1:200

5) floor plans 1:200

6) roof plan with context 1:200

7) elevation 1:100

8) 3d model renders

9) exploded axonometric


FINAL CRIT // 29.04.2014

boards all pinned up, it was a positive day, plenty of good feed back and it was good to see other people’s project progression. 

good to see on reflection how much this project has developed and how much is achievable on a short amount of time… now for the next two weeks the aim is to improve it until it’s the best project that it can be.

also slightly emotional as it was the final crit of our short BA degree lives.


TESTING ONE, TWO, THREE // 28.04.2014

testing materials and render positions / settings on rhino.


tutorial // 07.04.2014

1) atmosphere collage that on reflection doesn’t look like an art studio but looks like a bloody massacre down a dark evil alley, so that will be changed

2) circulation diagrams which will be integrated into an all singing all dancing axonometric drawing

drawings on trace courtesy of tutor lucy jones.

looking at details, conjunctions and changes.


  • taking ownership of the plans in particular the ground floor and how the building sits on the site
  • look at bartlett projects at how they add the finishes to a section
  • what do the atmospheres of these spaces feel like?
  • work on section – it’s what will be judged at final crit – it needs to be UH-MAY-ZING
  • alter the roof and light wells – when in doubt consult the grid!
  • column detailing, wall detailing, floor detailing!
  • service core in-situ concrete
  • philip johnson project – sprayed on concrete – falsity – artificial nature – fakery!
  • moving panels – no pivoting rotations pulling in and out instead on track and ball bearing system
  • detail! detail! detail!
  • section! section! section!
  • atmosphere! atmosphere! atmosphere!
  • steel structure and artificial monothlic massing!

concluding in an amrit seera special to do list, suppose i should crack on (after Made In Chelsea…)